Arculus Preferred Income Fund


The Arculus Preferred Income Fund is a domestic fixed income portfolio invested in Australian Government and Semi- Government Bonds, Corporate Senior & subordinated Bonds, and cash. The Fund aims to provide unitholders with returns higher than cash and traditional debt securities over the medium to long term with a target rate of return of the 90-day BBSW rate plus 350bps. The return is a combination of income distribution and capital growth. The Fund does not employ leverage either directly or using derivatives and has no offshore currency, structured credit, nor leveraged securities. Up to 30% of the Fund can be invested in non-investment grade securities (S&P, Fitch rated below BBB-, Moodys rated below Baa3). The Fund is best suited to investors who seek a medium risk investment over a 3 to 5-year period.

Our highly skilled management team have over 100 years in investment experience through many market cycles and a proven track record.

Investment Objective

To provide a higher yield than traditional cash management and fixed income investments in all market conditions. The total return will mainly comprise income from quarterly security distributions. Income will mainly be cash based with little or no franking credits.

Key Features

APIR Code:


Product Type:

Open-ended Unitised Managed Fund

Managed Since:

1 July 2015

Distribution Frequency:

Cash – Quarterly

Target Return:

BBSW plus 3.50% p.a.

Asset Class:

High yield Fixed Income


0.741% +GST

Buy/Sell Spread:


Minimum Investment:


Performance fee:


Reinvestment Option:

Cash – Quarterly

Research Rating:

Platform Availability:

BT Wrap / BT Panorama / Macquarie / Netwealth / Hub24 / Praemium / OneVue / Australian Money Markets / Ausmaq

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